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Azra brings the total package to clients as a strategic advisor, expert facilitator and executive coach to C-level executives. At the same time, she is equipped with best-practice tools and methods in executive coaching solutions to effectively guide her clients to insights and improvements in performance for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Azra and observing her in action, including observing her coaching professionals through a variety of challenging situations. She proved himself to be an excellent and engaged listener (a rare thing these days), outcomes and results focused, and someone who challenges leaders whilst also enabling them to come up with their own fresh ideas. Whether you face challenges with overwhelm/time management, reducing employee turnover, or leading your organization to new levels of performance, you want Azra on your team.

Colin MacLeod
CEO Fast Hold Publishing

Azra, your advice was effective, encouraging, grounding, insightful and informed. You are a very capable coach!

Yasser Taima
Yasser Taima | Senior Software Engineer | AerialSphere

In my interactions with Azra, I came away with the impression that she can engage uniquely and seamlessly across many perspectives – HR, Recruiting, Leadership, Strategy, Executive Coaching, Relationship building and Networking. Her impressive multifaceted skill set and experiences makes her highly effective and versatile. Azra placed me in a Director role at OLG and her poise, attention to detail, finesse in navigating certain situations was a refreshing combination of excellence and professionalism. What set my experience with Azra apart was she was her authenticity, uncompromising focus on ensuring the right fit and a high ethical standard. She has an entrepreneurial, self starter mindset that allows her to take on new challenges and succeed. I sincerely hope I have the privilege of working with Azra again.

Shailendra Mann
Co-Founder at Chorezee

Azra is one of the best and trainers you could possibly work with. She combines a shrewd business acumen with a strategy-focused mindset that has 100% upside! She is able to synthesize complex and even difficult concepts into simple bite-size lessons with actionable steps for business owners, companies & C-suite teams. Not only is Azra a ‘wealthspring’ of  knowledge, she is also a pleasure to work with! Her quality work ethic leaves nothing to be desired other than more of her influence on your bottom line & financial operations! Work with Azra and watch everything begin to just add up!

Jonathan Carroll
CEO, Tidal Transformation

We call her organizational magician…. She makes our organizational pains disappear!

Delu Beta
CEO, Brick Consulting

Azra Aden CPA, MBA, CEC

Meet Azra

Azra is a Certified Executive Coach & Consultant and holds a CPA designation. Azra has over 15+ years of experience in Fortune 500 and startups where she has worked with C-Level Executives and founders in the areas of Executive & Leadership Development. Being a leader with solid business acumen, Azra quickly noticed the direct co-relation that exists between solid leadership, clear strategy and a company’s most important (sometimes ignored) asset-People! She has dedicated her career to helping leaders increase their leadership & financial impact in the world. Azra is also the creator of A.M.P.LI.F.Y® Program for high-achieving executives that has received 4.95/5-star ratings from 200+ professionals. Azra has also developed F.A.S.T.E.R® and Profit Protector® Programs to help Business Owners optimize and protect their organizational assets. situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1
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