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The biggest mistake experienced professionals make on their resumes!

Don’t make any typos on your resume! Have your accomplishments clearly stated in your resume! Have a professional email address in the contact section of your resume! All this advice
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Success Vs. Fulfillment

A question I’ve always asked my coachees and recruitment candidates is, “what does success look like to you?” I’ve got all sorts of answers from landing a particular job, getting
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This may be the reason why you haven’t got that promotion yet!

It was around 10:15 am this morning and I got a call from Rach, one of my mentees. She was stuttering which got me worried (she has a very sick
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How to get Startup Financing?

You want to see your passion come to life in the form of your Startup! You want to build a viable company based on your dreams to change the world!
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Smart Marketer’s guide to Marketing Return-on-investment (ROI)

Marketers are creative, imaginative and extremely innovative. They spent hours segmenting their audience and attracting the customers in their niche. Companies spent between 2% to 20% of their revenue in
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Surviving Covid 19: 7 Steps for Business Crisis Management

We are living in an uncertain time where things are changing by hour. From 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, I get numerous calls from clients, students and friends siting their
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